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Welcome to my first post

Welcome to my first post


Welcome to my first post

Welcome to my first post

Hello everyone!

I welcome you to my personal web site, in this "place" I long to recommend to you!

And when I say long ago I mean it! It's been over a year now that I set up the idea of ​​this company in my mind and I slowly saw it with much effort and joy to become a reality.

But let me take it from the beginning.

It is quite a lot of years since I am intensely involved in the diet. First, wanting to see results in my body and growing up because I realized how important we are for our own being are what we consume.

The only sure thing, however, is that we are eating, we operate according to the fuel we get.

I too, in order to cope with the demands of my work and everyday life, I was looking for the best sources of energy.

So I met organic food.

Originally in the organic supermarket in my neighborhood and later in the organic folk of my area. I found a very large wealth of food that I did not know until now (like akai, maca, and even Zea) and of course I also found food I knew, but until then only in their conventional form.

B by Nadia Boule

I was shocked. And don’t tell me you aren't when you see strawberries the size of potatoes on the shelves of your local super market. Or cherries so large and perfectly shaped that they look like they were imported from another planet.

(Really, did you know that, in a recent test, strawberries and cherries were found to be among the most pesticide-contaminated fruits?)

I began to realize that something went wrong in the picture I had about food so far and so I started to look for it more.

I read the ingredients in the packaged dishes and I was looking to find out what all these E and the preservatives I meant. Also, many times I remember to search almost desperately for a jam without sugar or breakfast cereals that even secretly do not have extra sugars to be more delicious.

In order not to be tired, I was disappointed enough and I returned to the biologically more conscious and determined before.

I have seen many imported products, but over the years I have been seeing Greek producers slowly on the shelves.

And that's where the idea came about. To get in touch with small and medium-sized producers from all over the country, try their products and choose the best qualities and flavors so that together, with the right image, we can make known the wealth that the Greek Earth is hiding. So I did. I turned a lot, tried a lot of honey, lots of wines and jams and ended up with what I stood out in every category.

What you will find now on the site is the first set of basic products I wanted to release and I'm already preparing the next!

With great joy, very creativity, much appetite for something completely different from what I have done so far in my life, but I do it just as I have imagined it with the products that I want to have in my kitchen and in my life.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do and become part of your everyday life!

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