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    What is B by Nadia Boule?

    B by Nadia Boule is the company founded by Nadia Boule to bring Greek organic products to the wider public and provide options for people interested in quality nutrition.

    Nadia Boule is one of the best known musical-theatre performers in Greece and has hosted a number of very successful television and radio shows in recent years. Loving Greece and healthy nutrition, she has set the goal of taking Greek flavors to whole world.

    The company's objective is to promote small and medium-sized Greek producers of organic products who, throughout the country, bring their dedication and knowledge to bear in creating high-quality products. We searched the whole country, sampled many different flavors and products, and created the first line of B by Nadia Bouleproducts, which we will constantly enrich with new offerings.

    B by Nadia Boule

    All of the producers we partner with are certified and comply with ISO quality as we are in our turn QCert-certified distributors of organic products..

    As part of our strategy for supporting local economies and decentralization, we located our warehouse in Nafpaktos, XNUMX kilometers from Athens. There, the necessary quality control procedures and inspections and are carried out for every product batch, and temperature and humidity is controlled through cutting-edge technological monitoring and recording systems.

    We attach great importance to compliance with production and storage regulations, in order to get the highest quality products.

    This is B by Nadia Boule and we hope it becomes your favorite nutritional habit!