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    Hello from B by Nadia Boule! 

    So the time has come for us to talk about something new and completely different from what we've been discussing for so many years. This is my first time delving into something beyond my artistic activities, and my joy at being able to talk to you about this is indescribable.

    First of all, as many of you know, when I get involved with something, I dedicate myself completely to the goal at hand. This is how I have worked for so many years, always doing my absolute best, whatever the challenge.

    As I grew professionally and focused on work in the theatre – work that is very physically and mentally demanding – I realised how important it is to give my body quality nutrition. I really believe that we are what we eat, and that our bodies reward us when we take good care of them.

    Nadia Boule

    So, around the time I turned 25, I started paying closer attention to food labels, using the internet to research the mysterious words in the ingredient lists. And I started to find that most of the products that I was buying because they were "fine" and "healthy" were in fact full of preservatives, sugar, artificial coloring and E's with various numbers attached. In other words, chemical substances and additives that had no business being in my body.

    Around the same time, I also started going to organic markets, and I was shocked at the difference – in terms of both size and flavor – between the fruit and vegetables I bought there and the fare on offer at conventional markets. I began consulting nutritionists and learning what to avoid, and every single one of these health professionals spoke passionately about how important it is to consume good-quality food, stressing that, at the very least, we should get all the food we consume raw – including honey, oil and marmalade – from organic markets.

    When I first started going to organic markets, most of the products were imported, but as time passed, a number of small and medium-sized Greek producers made their appearance, having decided to cultivate organic crops in Greek soil.

    And that's when the idea came to me!

    Why not search the whole country for small and medium-sized producers who were dedicating themselves to putting Greek organic products of exceptional quality on the market, so that, together, we could optimise promotion of these products?

    So that's what I did. I travelled around the whole country to find them, sample their products and work with them to put our country's best face forward in a sector that had suffered so unfairly in recent years: Greek agriculture.

    You cannot imagine the potential of this wonderful land we live in and of the great work being done by select producers throughout the country.

    So the organic lavender body oilline is aimed at precisely this: Learning about all the high-quality organic products Greece has to offer and, using state-of-the-art distribution and marketing, promoting them internationally. This is why the name of the producer we partner with on a given product is always featured prominently on the packaging.

    In tandem, to bolster decentralization, we made a conscious choice to locate our company's warehouse in Nafpaktos, creating jobs and supporting the local economy.

    Another key parameter is the Philanthropic Nature of the B by Nadia Boule line. I was determined that what I was going to do should have a positive impact on many levels, and thus we work closely with the NGODESMOSso that a portion of sales always goes towards actions that support this organization's important work. You can learn more about this 

    I hope you come to love it as much as I do, and keep in mind that our range of products will be growing constantly as we seek out and sample the best organic foods produced in Greece.


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